Spring Cleaning your CRM – Why you need it

Spring Cleaning your CRM – Why you need it A CRM is a great tool to organize your data. It’s an effective tool for building a relationship with your customers and clients. It’s also a good way to interact with your team (like delegating tasks, collaborating data, and easily sharing reports). Depending on which CRM […]

How Much Time Does It Take to Implement a CRM?

A CRM is essential in businesses nowadays. It helps build a deeper relationship with existing customers, lets you win back former customers, and find new customers. There are several key benefits of a CRM: Organized customer data Good customer retention  Better knowledge of customers Better understanding of customers’ needs  Better communication with customers and prospects  Protected […]

Am I using my CRM correctly?

Am I using my CRM correctly? CRM is a great tool, IF you use it right. Yes, you get to organize your relationships and interactions with customers, leads, and contacts. But are you doing everything you should? Are you making sure the information is consistently updated? A CRM can be valuable to businesses of all […]

Selecting the Best e-Commerce CRM

There are hundreds of CRMs to choose from. So industry experts gathered together to compile the list of the top 8 CRMs you should consider for your online store, along with the reasons you should get started. Re-engaging customers was one of the top reasons for implementing a CRM for e-Commerce businesses. Workflow, Automation and […]

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How to Identify KPIs for Measuring Website Performance

How to Identify KPIs for Measuring Website Performance Right now, your dashboard looks as if it was written in ancient runes you have yet to decode. There are so many metrics and dimensions for you to track that you’ve started to wonder how anyone does it? Here’s the truth – no one tracks everything. Nor […]

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6 Recommendations for Customizing your CRM

A “ready to use” CRM may sound appealing but think twice before jumping in with both feet. Instead, think about using a customized CRM to help increase productivity and be an easier tool for you and your team to use. Custom customer relationship management (CRM) tools are optimized to grow with your businesses, so you don’t have […]

Which CRM is the Best?

A simple google search will pull up a page full of links to sites recommending “The Best CRM of 2021”. If you start clicking through them, you will find that no two lists are exactly the same. This is because the “best” CRM of the year may not be the best CRM for you and […]

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