About Infinite Insights

Our Mission

We take your business to the next level with the right CRM tools designed for you.

Growing a business with a sales team comes with its challenges. Not to mention, every business model is different and therefore requires customized solutions that fit your vision.

Our mission is to help businesses tap into their infinite sales growth potential by implementing a sustainable sales process that meets your unique company needs.

How We Work

Meet The Founders

Chuck and Kristen are both sales architects who enjoy helping businesses overcome their unique growth challenges and thrive.

Kristen McGarr

Kristen helps companies source the best technology for their operation. In the growth phase, most small businesses spend too much money on technology that is overly complicated and under-utilized. Kristen’s extensive background in Information Technology, sales management and business coaching gives her the unique ability to help companies find CRM and productivity solutions that cater to the needs of their sales teams while sky-rocketing their growth.

Chuck Coveleski

Chuck brings over 35 years of diverse industry experience from retail executive management and sales to software development and marketing. Chuck has worked across multiple industries including hospitality, retail, and consulting management with a unique emphasis on working with sales, marketing and project teams. His strengths and passion collide to help companies better utilize technology and market analytic tools to drive positive sales results.

If your sales process is only 3 steps, contact us for step 4.